looking for ultraviolet magazine I stumbled across uvmagazine.net which has some nice images on it such as these balloons

disco flowers

disco clouds

manystuff @ são paulo/brazil

there is a really cool exhibition in são paulo/brazil right know. manystuff is responsible of it. i wish i were stopping by on my way but have deliberately decided to skip it. even though são paulo is the most developed and cosmopolitan city in the country it is also the maddest concrete jungle i've ever seen.


tim burton

Daisy if you go to New York you have to go to MoMA and see his exhibtion.


Such a dull monday. Woke up convinced it was tuesday and time for mad-lunch but that happiness didn't last long. These images are two years old beacause today I lack inspiration and motivation. Give me some!


finally went to the new kemistry gallery exhibition, it was ....



stills from the lovely film 'an education'


got a feeling it's going to be a day of coffee and procrastination. Not sure where this photo has come from but its funny


a lovely lady I know had twin girls on thursday

from twin magazine, I can't wait to get off my bum and get it. Maybe a treat after all this work
p..s who's coming to the Lula talk tomorrow night?


And now I found this on the Lula Scrapbook. Small world at Disneyland, California.

look it says our name. New York Museum of arts and design has an exhibition on about paper cutting, I hope I can go there in January...


it's a small world

Mary Blair. I love it.


i love this illustration by Jacqueline Kari Bos, it's called The Climbers, feels like we're all climbers of a ridiculously high mountain at the moment


weekend preview

wish i could just go happily mad
but too much has to be done over the weekend
so i post this photo, in memory of fun weekends and those to come

(at least the sun seems to be as busy as we are)
(( this photo i took from lolita.se blog!))



jen corace

just love these illustrations by jen corace. (found at www.cotlzine.blogspot.com)
i want to draw like this!



Daisy, I think you would love this online magazine! (My brother has done one of the photoshoots in issue 3)



On a street in Stockholm.



A record release party and a the most amazing fabric print called Phytagoras by Sven Markelius. I went to Nationalmuseum yesterday for some facts and inspirations and I truly enjoyed it. It was also snowing here yesterday but even so there are no christmas decorations on the streets yet. I went to my favourite department store for some minor shopping, oh I wish you girls were here with me.


I wish old people really looked like this
from POP



honored to be holding the first ever issue of i-D

POP and pictures

emotive photography by ariel rosenbloom showcased in dazed & confused
also, I brought my first ever copy of POP magazine today. it is poptastic! pull-out mini 'bookzine' on uncoated paper by M/M Paris, yes please!