Arena Arctica

Inside the Arena Arctica in Kiruna.

London tomorrow! /M



Ice-chandelier at the Icehotel exhibition, impressive, though they did mention that the real ones are bigger and have a LED-light inside each and every piece of ice. I also found out that anyone working within arts, architecture or design can apply to be part of the Icehotel creative team (you have to get picked tho'), and I guess if you do get chosen you have to be prepared to work under slightly colder conditions than normal and face the fact that all you do will melt away when spring comes. /M



Still on the pattern theme. Still excited about having my phone back!
Still missing M + D (even though D + I met up on Friday, it was too fast!).


A taste of winter

Kiruna Tuesday morning at 8.10 am. The blue light coming out from the shovels of snow made us curious, I've never seen that before. A few hours later we returned to autumn in Stockholm. It was
fun to have two seasons in one day. /M



summer memories

Kiruna from above

Since we have a new and very exciting client based in Kiruna we started this week by spending 24 hours there. Kiruna is located 200 kilometers above the polar circle (!) and I have never been even close to that far up north.

This was the stunning view from the plane when we were about to land. After that followed a hectic schedule that included a visit to the Ice Hotel site, Esrange; the Swedish Space Center, a delicious three course meal, sleeping in a cabin, great hotel breakfast, a space school, the Swedish institute for Space Physics and at last the Arctic Arena. It was all very interesting and just to be in such a different place where it was already winter made it feel like a mini adventure. I'll show you some more pictures later. /M


Alberto Sevesto

Found these stunning images by Alberto Sevesto here. And best: they are all for download! Great people who give their art around. Love it!



Lovely little video on Letterpress. You can watch it here. I actually found it at Graphic Exchange, which is a fab source of inspiring graphic design.


Mosaic moments

Am having a bit of a mosaic moment.. Happy to have my phone back, had stopped taking photos for a while. Winter showed it's face, now there is no return. The summer that never happened has finished, and now we start a long dark season. Glad that there are great things happening... Miss D + M though...


Living Structures at Centro Niemeyer

On the left, a poster I did for Living Structures for their show at the Centro Niemeyer in Spain last month. I also did their website a while ago, with my favourite developer, Darren Perry. They are amazing artists, can't wait for their next show, Leviathan.