simple and fun idea from magazine addicted

Angel Jackson Lookbook and The Memory Cloth
Inspiring publication concepts using stitching by Wood McGrath. I wonder if my new sewing machine is up to the challenge?

Wood McGrath are also responsible for recent typographic changes in lovely Lula magazine, I haven't actually looked at the latest Lula properly yet but hopefully will get the chance to soon.
You’ve kissed so many people
who don’t even remember you
when they think about how many people they’ve kissed.

by Dallas Clayton and no great love



the vernal equinox

Now our days are as long as the night. In my old camera bag I just found two rolls of unexposed film, 100 Iso T-Max, that I rolled myself in school 8 or 9 years ago. I already put one in my analog Nikon so I hope something will come out of it.


friday photography thoughts

by Dallas Clayton

photographer's gallery

I love the simple approach to displaying spreads on a white wall. Scrapbook photography project by Donovan Wylie nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2010.
I had to do a bit of sneaky photography so not great representation.

Blood Sweat and Fears

We checked out the Blood Sweat and Fears live magazine project today. A really interesting approach to the future of magazine formats. Inspiring stuff!



Today I'm thinking about Alice in Wonderland, wishing for Spring and making delicious marmalade muffins from my birthday cookbook


More cool photography: Tata Vislevskaya

All photographs were taken with Russian Soviet cameras, at the Swiss Alps. Some more here.

Carlos Industries – cool photography

Found some lovely photographs by Carlos Industries ...

fun calendar

Ink calendar by Oscar Diaz. See how it works here!
A lot of thinking, calculating, testing.
We need to test our magazine, masthead, name, colour scheme, navigation system, so it all works well!


brightens the day

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

Since I'm not in Paris and I'm not going to see Alice in Wonderland this might be the height of my saturday. Found on Lolita.


well done us

Hooray for MAD – best team ever ♥



We're making a magazine!


best birthday ever

thank you so much