Communication in 50 years

Guldägget 2061 from Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer on Vimeo.

An impressive little movie done by students from some of the best schools in Sweden after a brief given by The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (my current workplace). They explored what advertisement and communication will look like in 2061. I love how they filmed it. / M


My first printed job for Carluccio's

Today we had a meeting at Carluccio's to present the Christmas 2011 concept and I got to see my first printed artwork in use! (The first photos are at home tho.) I made 6 Mother's day labels to go on a variety of different products. Am very happy with the colours :) Am super happy working at Irving & Co :)))))
Such great weather, makes me feel like smiling all the time.



No gloves, no hat. Sun is shining. Tulips at home. It's my dad's birthday. Busy at work. But it feels like spring : )



I'm assisting the designer Barbro Ohlson Smith and on thursday we spent the day filming for a project. Very fun and exciting and I think we got the wanted result. Also the filming just happened to take place in one of the most beautiful and interesting apartments I've ever seen. It was lovely and belonged to the photographer. He had a new obsession with growing plants from seeds and also bringing home exoctic plants from all his working trips. The ones in the window were mainly taken from Portugal. /M


hoola hoop making sunday

I started learning how to hopola hoop on Friday with Yoletta. Great fun, and exercising too! She came here today and taught me how to make them, so we made 3. Very good for the waist, ladies!



Daisy your garden looks so lovely! It's not that warm here yet and also I miss having a garden. This was one of my mornings earlier in the week. /M

A preview of spring

Spent to morning eating pancakes and reading in the garden


Walberswick in colour


My weekend

I had my sister visiting and on Saturday we took a walk on the ice (!) in Brunnsviken. It was a fun experience for us southern Swedes. The weather was so beautiful and sunny, spring's on its way for sure. The sign in the third picture says 'Stockholm carrier pigeon society', I found it very amusing. /M

Walberswick – the lovely break

What a great idea to go for a weekend break in Suffolk! We had a lovely time, thanks to the weather, the house, but especially to the friends. Time stretched and it seemed much more than a couple of days. Now I feel like planning the next weekend break: Cambridge cycling, Liverpool and then Cornwal!


The floor!

I want. A café in Mexico, image from Ffffound. /M


3 x kitchen

I want to fix the last bits in the flat but lacking the time and money to do so.

It's another sunny, tho' very windy, day outside but I'm stuck at work. Thinking moving image,
3D and spatial design at the moment – fun but challenging!



all seeing

today someone saw into my account and tried so spend my savings at superdrug and PCworld...

: )

This made me smile on my way to work today. /M



Sometimes it feels like roses belong in the 80s, especially if they're slightly out of focus in very soft light. /M