Warpaint - Beetles

Still slightly obsessed with the band Warpaint.


Like an 80's poster

The sky from my window an evening in July. /M


Up & away

My favourite sight when looking out my windows in the evening; the hot air balloons. I'm guessing there aren't many warm summery evenings left though, but if I miss them much I have a whole selection of photos to look at. /M


Hidden Orchestra

Bought tickets to see Hidden Orchestra, Daedelus (live AV set!), Luke Vibert and Kutmah on the 17th September at Koko. Think it will be quite unique.



Day off sick for me. Today feels a lot darker but I refuse to accept that summer could nearly be other. Love this work by Amy Merrick and thinking that being a flower stylist could be loveliest job ever.



Typeface heaven for sure! Bella designed by Rick Banks of Face37. Partially inspired by Pistilli Roman which is my absolute favourite typeface. /M


Andy Gilmore

I love all his geometric patterns. Much more to see and buy(!) here. /M


An old friend

I used my sewing machine today for the first time in over seven years. I got it for Christmas 2003 and used it a lot for three months but sadly it was way to heavy to bring to London. I had to amend the pillowcases Daisy got me for my bday, from English size to Swedish. Thanks again dear, now they're perfect!

Tomorrow is back to work for real after some time off. I did work a few days last week tho' but not in the office, I was styling/art directing a jewelry photoshoot, very fun indeed. /M


The weekend

Just can't understand why people rebel about nothing. Have a reason, have a bloody point, make a statement. Otherwise just be happy, make love, have fun and enjoy being alive.


Here and now

Excited about seeing Warpaint today at Field Day. Wish M + D were coming. Going with the loveliest flatmate in the world - Domka. Let's rock it!

This is what I am dying for.



20:33 kitchen sun

The evening light in my kitchen is amazing. /M


A visual mixtape

iPhone photos from my two weeks away.
Purple nail varnish and my special Martina mug.

Lazy mornings in flowery bedlinen.
Super organic veggies, herbs and food all the time, it's such a treat!
I could thank these guys for my breakfast egg.
Old churches with interesting signs on the gravestones.
Hollyhocks which I love. Specially the peachy ones.
Nicely designed books.
Butteflies flocking in my mum's herb garden.

After the best evening spent on my friends boat having wine and cheese.

Taking Erik to Louisiana.


Paris weekend II

Special city indeed.
We should do a MAD weekend there ...

Paris weekend

An unexpected weekend trip that made me smile so much ... Thanks Romy and Caio for such a lovely time. Just what I needed: great friends and a beautiful city. Really lucky to have such amazing friends.