dreaming of spring and no deadlines

Developed a film with images from May – December 2009.


This is the 101st post!

The new issue of untitled magazine by Mike Perry looks so nice! Helping me to feel that black and white images for my final piece isn't such a bad idea. Time to get on with it!



I got this for Christmas. It's beautiful. I'd love to have the second volume as well, guess that one covers typefaces from 1900 onwards. With the book you get access to over a 1000 high res images to download on the internet!

legs by kyle


I want to go to the new William Eggleston exhibition. Maybe a nice treat for after THE deadline


el perro del mar

Listening to her latest album on Spotify over and over.



Sunset over snowroofs and tonite it was -17 degrees. Cool!


kemistry gallery

Perfect timing. What can be better than to attend this private view in our first week back? I hope all three of us can make it. Miss you loads! /Martina