Mini Diana goes to Brazil

Mini Diana lomos taken in Brazil, January 2011.
It's always a surprise with film.
Oh I have to say I miss the sun!



Black Swan – La Boca

Last night we went see Black Swan. Very good indeed!
Have to say I looked away in some moments, the gory bits.
It is a beautiful and visceral film. Recommended.
And the posters? Masterpiece!
Designed by La Boca

flowers & insects

from a visit to the Natural History Museum.
more images from the day to come


Sarah Moon

Emma was here visiting me last weekend and we had the best Saturday ever. It started with a trip to Fotografiska and the amazing exhibition by Sarah Moon. My dodgy photos of her photos doesn't do them justice at all and sadly there was no book to be found in the shop. Anyone in Stockholm should go see it though.

Other news is all about working and packing. We are moving in a week and I am excited (and stressed) about it.

(I think a Skype session needs to be scheduled in properly girls!) /M


brazil 2

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
These are the last breaths of my friendly camera. Never had an astonishing result, but she was a good memory capturer. Now she's done, finished, retired. Any suggestions on what to get? Am looking for something compact but with quality.
Can't wait to develop Mini Diana films ...
Even though it's grey and rainy, I am glad to be back.


Oh so tired

Not used to be working from an office yet hence it makes me very tired.
Meeting lots of interesting people though and tomorrow we have a meeting
with this great designer. On his website I found this image, it's from an old
ad for a big department store here and has nothing to do with our Oh! /M

Update. The meeting went well and it was very nice to meet Henrik.
I gave him a copy of Oh! before he left!


Fall and winter in Stockholm, more photos from the developed film. The middle one is my house. /M



A banana hiding behind a beer one evening in Malmö with Ida. /M


Summer's far away

The snow won't stop falling outside and the ice and snow hanging from the rooftops are a danger to anyone walking on the streets. Today is a bank holiday and I will head out for a coffee soon. /M



Yay, my scanner is connecting with my computer again (it's quite old and dusty but better than nothing). Here are some London pics from spring/beginning of summer last year. All taken with my old compact Olympus Mju. I will never get bored of film. When I went into a shop last week to enquire about the price of developing a film, the sales-guy quickly asked me if I didn't want to purchase a digital camera instead. Some people just don't get it. /M

NYE mural

Martin made this amazing mural on our chalk wall in the kitchen. It's a happy new years mural! /M

(Photos by Erik)


Les amours imaginaires

First cinema visit for 2011 was this evening to watch this movie. I liked and I think you girls would too.

Happy new years! /M