It's Friday!

Just after three o'clock here, the sun is shining and we'll be opening the champagne very soon. We are celebrating a very cool and big job we got!

Remember this old view girls? I miss it sometimes. /M


Corinne Day

I would have gone here this coming weekend if I would have been in London. /M



Schoolyards in the autumn – the best!

We had a tiny photoshoot at this location today. Very beautiful.

The last post was our 400th! /M


At Daisy's

That lovely Sunday afternoon in May at Daisy's with delicious food.

Today is another sunny day and I'm gonna cycle home and throw a dinner party. /M


More film

Summer evenings in Stockholm and Sandviken.

The weekend was sunny and lovely with walks in the park as well as the city and today I had ice cream in the sun at lunch. Love the autumn sunshine! /M



Coming to see you last weekend of October. /M



Pics from my May trip to London. Second one from a brunch at my favourite place; Little Georgia. /M


That night...

... in Stockholm. I've just devloped a roll of ilm and got this nice surprise. One of them is going into a frame and up on my wall. /M


Brazilian Packaging

Found this lovely piece of soap packaging in the supermarket where I also bought some yummy Brazilian treats (including Cacha├ža for caipirinhas). Martina, I can save a bottle if you book your ticket.. Will be flying back today, happy to be heading home. I did mention it was too sunny here - that lasted only the first couple of days, we had clouds and even rain all other days.

Wendy Bevan

One of my favourite photographers, Wendy Bevan. I don't know how long the new website has been up but I happily discovered it now. Great work with strong refereces to Kahlo, Klimt and Schiele. /M


preparing to leave

Sadly I have no inspiring work of my own to show today. My work mind is full of commercial fluff and my real life mind is full of moving. At this rate I'll be adopting this packing method visualised by the wonderful Aliki & Ania

Light and shadows

Saying hi from the office. Ana your freelance stuff looks very interesting, don't forget to show us the pieces when they are done! I'm working with stationery at the moment so nothing exciting. Tho' soon we will have the loveliest sketchbook ever to show! Now, back to work. /M


Colour experiments

Doing some fun freelance work whilst in Brazil. These illustrations will be printed on fabric that will be used to make lovely weekend bags. The whole project is about using recycled material, the fabric has a really nice touch, can't wait to see the print testes. We want an organic feel, to link with the recycled quality but using some vibrant colours to give it a nice kick!



Our hunt for mushrooms started with the poisonous kind but after a progression further into the forest we got very lucky. The forest was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was my first time picking mushrooms like this and I must say it went well; we brought to full bags of them back to Stockholm. I've just learned they're called funnel chanterelles in English. I think chanterelle soup is on the menu tonight. /M


The tools

All good, done and dusted.
The sun shines too much in this country, have to wear sunglasses all the time. Horrible!


Sick Friday

1950's Stockholm crime novels, pancakes with raspberry jam and whipped cream, looking out on sunny rooftops and a beautiful sunset; that was my Friday working from home in an attempt to beat my never ending cold. I think it worked since I feel much better now. /M




Gramercy Hotel

(Having trouble re-sizing images.)

The scent inside the Hotel is very special, oakey, very wood.



Gramercy Hotel / Me + Sancerre / Lovely surprise roses / NYC concrete art

(This hotel is amazing, going to post some more soon.)

Great to be here with family. Next time MAD in NYC? Think we should..