Cherry blossom lunch break in the sun, now back to work. /M


more of saint barthelemy skyline

Sorry there isn't more to show ... this was the most relaxing holidays of all, I didn't pick up the camera most of the times I thought about doing it. I did take some lomo's, which hopefully will show a bit more. Will develop the film soon. Last week was a true breather. Now, back in London, sun is shinning full-on, high temperature and simply amazing weather. Glad to be back.


Happy Easter/Happy Spring!

I think I dare to say that spring is finally here (almost summer temperatures today tho'). Yay! Makes me so happy. I've been out walking most of the day but also met a friend for coffee in a park. She had these colourful easter eggs, decorated with patterned plastic covers from Russia.
This weekend I'll try to be a tourist in my own city, to find out what exciting stuff I can show you girls. /M


sunny, warm and beautiful

Oh! Seems like I'm dreaming a long amazing dream. It's so beautiful here.
Today we're going for a boat + snorkeling trip, can't wait to see some fish!
The water is completely transparent, with a hint of blue, like a swimming pool.
Got a bit sun burnt, hopefully it will turn into a tan, but for today it's t-shirt time for me.
Happy that soon after we come back, I will meet both of you :)


just a glimpse

after an insane week, sleeping 5 hours a night, Lykke Li amazing gig on thursday and full on work at Irving & Co – arrived in St Barthelemy, Caribbean. And this is a in-built laptop camera shot, just because I want to post is right now, 7am. Will take beautiful photos, promise. Is this a dream?



A full page ad in the paper Dagens Media made by me and showing a simplified layout of the building where the gala is taking place tomorrow. /M

A year ago…

… this was my room and most days was spent by my desk with this view.
I miss London and I'm thinking of everything I need to do and things I need to buy when I come over. The list keeps growing in my head. Clipper teas might be number one on the shopping list, and socks from Uniqlo! Any good exhibitions on at the moment?



Ten minutes ago in my kitchen. We all got tulips from our boss, very nice indeed. The big gala that we are working on is on Thursday so very stressful week ahead. The reward will be the gala itself tho'. Then I can show you everything that I've been working on lately.

Such a lovely image in you last post Daisy. I love walls cluttered with frames and that's why my hallway wall is looking like this but still only work in progress – always on the lookout for more cheap frames.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I miss you and I miss the London weather, a lot!


I love this wall. Got me reaching for the hammer and nails

From the exciting looking book creative walls found via home shopping spy



I have shorter hair than ever (a bit too short when curly) and a bunny rabbit on my finger (first ring worn since I was a kid), just so you know. /M



A dull and rainy Sunday is almost over and I spent it cleaning, painting, working, cooking and eating. My muscles are still in shock after a body pump class on Friday so moving has been somewhat difficult this weekend. Proof of the fact that I need to get back into shape, but I am still waiting for spring so that I can go for runs in the park. It feels so unfair that you have warm, lovely spring weather in London while we are stuck with these grey surroundings. /M