last week of the year

This last week has been a lazy one.



Look Daisy, a Moomin pillowcase from my childhood!


Swedish BON Magazine, the latest issue is full of beautiful type.



It's so beautiful and I hope it will last for a bit.



Really enjoying the discovery of uppercase magazine, lots of inspirational and cute imagery. Like their scrapbook website as well. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a copy when I'm in New York.

Oh and according to them the official pantone colour of next year turquoise

The 'patterns' section of Lula (swedish design partnership not mag) reminds me of Martina's pretty patterns


Thinking about christmas and making lists and that I wish I was a girl in one of She Hit Pause Studios' polaroid transfers


elle & helena

I know it's not a fashion blog but I love this cover. Helena looks amazing, the underwear too but look at the thin, outlined masthead – beautiful!


this amazing information designer lives where my dad lives


. . .

found this at iloveinvisiblethings, doesn't say where its from . . .

nobrow press

feeling more 'graphic' today and i think i'm in love – with nobrow press
after a week without posting i am back. need to be. we need to keep going no matter what!


apple tart

amazing apple tart recipe, with amaretti biscuits. festive season delight! i made it with wholemeal flour instead . . .
there's no denying it, christmas is coming

low tide on ovingdean beach last christmas day, seems like a lifetime ago


from Jim Smith at Print Club London


I need a candy coloured ladder to take me up to a land on motivation and inspiration


rainy days

Boring days.



after hours of researching Nottingham's duck population (watch this space) been trying out a new idea of xmas bags. Scanned pressed flowers garland kind of thing. Going to scan some prettier flowers tomorrow. What do you think? Any advice on how big/small I should make the dots in the bitmap to get a good result?

Just discovered the work of Stephen Gill, his Hackney Flowers project is too beautiful. I wish it was mine! Has reminded me that I have a flower full of pressed flowers though, I hope they're not moldy, maybe they will make on appearance on my canvas bags...

cake & balloons for the bday girl

Hope you've had just as nice evening as we had day!

happy birthday ana

Lovely lunch and coffee and macaroons for us today

also I love Bryony Lloyd's illustration style

happy birthday to me! he

someone please explain me this pattern? it is so gorgeous! ( lolita )will go outside and enjoy a bit of sunshine and hope to meet my 2 mad friends for a birthday hug :)