Dreaming of spring

Photos taken with my Holga and 35 mm film last year.

My jury-assisting days are over and I am working at home with a website for my brother. It's freezing
so I won't even attempt to go out. /M


Happy bday Daisy ♥

I hope you'll have a great day with lots of cake and bday gifts. Wish I was there to celebrate with you. Hopefully spring is near in London but here it's super cold and snowy again.

Miss you both,


Happy Birthday Daisy!

Wishing you all the best!


Oh! at FFFFound via Projekt

Look here girlies! /M

more or less a year ago

It seems like yesterday ... but so much has changed and we are carrying on with our lives.
Have some great news to share, am starting a new chapter. Very exciting!


Stockholm Waterfront

Jury week has started so I'm working here today. Since it's freezing outside I don't even care it's Sunday. (Also we got a very yummy lunch and can have as much coffee and chocolate as we like.) /M


Winter memory

Any day can be a ♥day. Thanks for the virtual flowers Daisy!

Working from home today doing a bit of everything. For example a whole page ad for my brother's catering company. It's cold and snowy but the sky is blue. I'm drinking coffee and stuffing myself with more of those homemade semlor. They remind me of February weekends as a child when we spent hours at the ice rink. After, when we got home, my dad made us semlor and there was always cross-country skiing on the telly. /M


Best of today

The view, the sun, the flat, the homemade semla and being off! Happy to be back. /M


A few images of chaos

Moving was stressful and hard work – top floor, no elevator. Then all the cleaning and unpacking but most work is done now, just a little painting and decorating left. I've been looking forward to this weekend since it feels like forever ago I had two days off. Wish I could spend some time with you girls!

Almost forgot, my favourite design studio Edholm Ullenius have launched their new website and they also have a blog now. I like!