Porto Alegre, Brasil.

Lovely to be in my hometown, Porto Alegre. Slightly too hot today, 38 Celsius... Hard to walk on the streets! It's fun to look around and find little details of things... Am having a great time but have to say I miss my life in London. No rush though, there are another 2 weeks ahead - beach time.
What are you girls up to?




Picture of the lovely Caroline and her husband to be. Photo by Peachey


beautiful bridge

Designed by Ro&Ad architects


studio envy

Loved looking round the open studio of letterpress artists Pistachio Press. Made me miss the
studios at LCC


Borough Market

We went to Borough Market on Saturday. Had some nice warm cider with spices and a look around. It is still very lovely to go there, but quite overpriced. Heard that there is a new market, like an extension of Borough, at Maltby Street. Want to check it out soon.



The Sound of Arrows

Their record release party on Friday night was great fun with many friends and great lights! /M



Lykke Li gig at The Roundhouse, Fucking Beautiful neon lamp at The Groucho Bar with /M and ceiling lamp at The Brixton Academy. All in one week, all pink. Great to see /M, we missed you /D.



Arena Arctica

Inside the Arena Arctica in Kiruna.

London tomorrow! /M



Ice-chandelier at the Icehotel exhibition, impressive, though they did mention that the real ones are bigger and have a LED-light inside each and every piece of ice. I also found out that anyone working within arts, architecture or design can apply to be part of the Icehotel creative team (you have to get picked tho'), and I guess if you do get chosen you have to be prepared to work under slightly colder conditions than normal and face the fact that all you do will melt away when spring comes. /M



Still on the pattern theme. Still excited about having my phone back!
Still missing M + D (even though D + I met up on Friday, it was too fast!).


A taste of winter

Kiruna Tuesday morning at 8.10 am. The blue light coming out from the shovels of snow made us curious, I've never seen that before. A few hours later we returned to autumn in Stockholm. It was
fun to have two seasons in one day. /M