This was what I woke up to on Friday. Luckily it disappeared quickly but left me with an excuse to
stock up on some more warm winter clothes and accessories. /M


I picked this magazine up from IKEA the other week and the editorial design is great! The text is written in both Swedish and English so I'm guessing they have it in the UK stores as well, though I think it was made for an event they held in the summer. /M



RIVER from Mikael Dahl on Vimeo.

My brother and his girlfriend made another little amazing film!

The weekend was eventful and hectic, no time for internet since my sister was here but I'll be back to normal life tomorrow. /M


Recovery starts here

5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 . Go!



I'll have faster internet starting from next week, until then I'm sending letters. /M



Not many sodas has kept their original design hence why I like this one. /M


I know bikes aren't our favourite things at the moment but this is a sweet project. By Jeri Zaech

Oh! at Projekt

Johannes is writing about us at Projekt!

Man tackar för de fina orden kära du. /M


life at number 12

is pretty good, next step, get a job...

New week

The nice weather continued over the weekend so we went for a long walk. It's exciting to explore
a new city again. The bread was baked yesterday and it's so yummy.

Daisy what are you up to?


Fruit & food

A small dinner party and the fruit basket. It's very cold outside but sunny and still pretty from all the autumn colours. /M


Look closer

Close-ups from my sunny autumn walk today. When I was sitting there in the sun I got a text saying that one of my dearest friends just had a baby girl. Beautiful day to be born on. I'm so happy for her that I find it very hard to focus on anything else. But I did discover that I quite liked it when I zoomed in on my pictures from the walk so all these images are from the same bigger image. /M



Girls where are you? What are you up to this weekend? I just went for a walk and now I'll try to get some work done. I'm in love with my new home and I promise to post better pictures soon. /M


French train

This was on a train from Paris to Versaille the other week. Now I'm finally in Stockholm and loving the fact that I have a home again. Pictures will follow shortly. /M