Lines & Countdowns

Bank Holiday weekend now and then last week of school.
I'm counting the days to a number of things. /M



They've arrived!


Work, work, work

We have been working nonstop for weeks. The weather was amazing but we only allowed ourselves to enjoy it when we were looking for typos. Once the files were sent off we had an overdose of ice cream to celebrate. School is not over yet though, and we now have our individual Pdf's to work on. /M


Of course there were changes made until the very last minute.
Now there is nothing more we can do, the files have been sent off. Scary.


Monday out of the office

The Art of Conversation exhibition, very interesting show about collaboration between studios / designers in London and Berlin. Sun shining through the skylights!

Screenprinted posters designed by all involved in the collaborative project.


Flying garden. Is this a home? Restaurant? Eden?

My newest little baby.

A day off the screen after many days without a break.
Visiting Richard Hollis for some advice, delicious salmon+spinach quiche, Italian coffee and brownie. Batteries re-charged, the team is ready to keep going!



We have worked a lot.
We are working a lot.
We will be working a lot.
Working makes us happy.

Thank you team!


Spring through the Holga

Well it was spring, now the weather is miserable but we have to be indoors anyway working on the mag. /M


Some MAD moments

Walking to the Globe Cafe after the Monika magazine launch at Donlon Bookshop and having lunch outside Ana's when the planes returned to the London sky after the ash break. /M


is in production



May is the best month of the year, though I'm not very impressed with it so far this year.
These photos are from a film I took in May 2008. My parents came over and surprised
me for my birthday and our first year at LCC was almost over. The top image is some
letterpress I did for a project about the month of May. /M


London view

Close to Stoke Newington, on the bike.

Nice Muslim patterns in Dalston.

Interesting lamp in exhibition space (close to Bricklane).

Graffiti on wall (Regents Canal walk).

Random London. All good. Love living here.

Tina, London will miss you!



Voting Time Tomorrow

My Step-Mum has such cool cups



found in my Brighton garage