Pink and green

Pink and green, flowers and stripes, wood and fabric. My mum decorated the girls room in our summer house almost twenty years ago and it still looks so cute and summery.

Back in Stockholm after two weeks away. I missed our flat in the end so it feels good to be back./M


Packaging & type

I love the Nivella silke crepe box! /M


The old house

Along with the old shop came an old house. /M


The old shop

Packaging heaven! In our neighbouring village here on Ă–land they have opened a museum in what once used to be the village shop. It stood neglected for years (closed down sometime in the 70s) but apparently all these treasures were still left scattered around the house. Finally someone has realised the potential and for the small entrance fee of 20 Swedish krona you can enter and admire all the goodies. More photos to come; there was a lot to look at! /M



Glad to see you girls are keeping up the posting. I'm on a short summer break away from Stockholm. Sadly the summer seem to have taken a break too since it hasn't been as nice weather now as it was when I was working every day. It's not all that bad tho', just really longing for a full day on the beach.

Today was spent at my favourite museum, Louisiana in Denmark. /M


Where is the summer?


My recent discovery of fricote magazine is making me very happy. Never before have I seen a magazine that combines food with graphic playfulness so pleasingly.

My two favourite features are from issue 2. The first one is by Griottes. Her blog is beautiful itself:

The second is art directed by Cosmo Sapien. The whole feature is fantastic:




Working on some patterns for a freelance job.
This is SO fun!
Miss m + d.



Out and about in Crouch End.