It's past midnight here so I can say it now. Wish I could bake you a cake and celebrate you properly. Last year was great. Miss you, xxx/M

Frozen flowers

Such frozen flowers are a rare sight but it was the day after the funeral and it looked both beautiful and sad. The weather was so wintery it made the old wooden houses look even more welcoming than usual. /M



I'm back again after a few days further north and then a busy weekend. These images are from Gävle but we have just as much snow here and it's very beautiful. /M



It's nice to develop some old films. Memories come back and it's like you are living that moment once again. A nostalgic-lomographic feeling.


keeping our heads above water

I feel like I'm venturing forth into the unknown and unpredictable at the moment.
Not used to this degree of uncertainty in my life but trying to enjoy it.
Photo by Bianca Brunner, part if her aptly named Limbo series



I made a logo for photographer Sara Shahbazi the other week.

Also, here is a great view over Stockholm if you girls wanna see my new city. /M


The morning

The view. The plant. The soundtrack. /M



I think YouTube has improved a lot lately; all of a sudden I can find many of my favourite childhood movies and series uploaded and sorted into playlists. I watched this one, Peter & Petra by Astrid Lindgren from 1989, last night and was stunned by the set design. For inspiration on 90's fashion and a reminder of how your teenage room might have looked like; watch this one. /M



These cards and letters were all sent to my dad's maternal grandmother from the year 1903 and onwards. Both when she was still living in Sweden and also later when she had migrated to America
(she came back again though). I think they are the most beautiful letters ever, both the look of them
and the handwriting. I wish more people wrote letters these days and I will try to improve my own handwriting again. /M


frog = good luck

Starting a project of frog textiles!


Bargain of the day

Blue and sparkly knitted cardigan found in a charity shop for £5. /M


me in images

Slowly getting back, but still a while till I'm me again.
All images found at found.