White flowers

Birthday Peonies and white Lilacs picked on our way home sometime in between Saturday and Sunday. I'm gonna have to pick more soon 'cos they fill the whole flat with their wonderful scent.

Also, anyone using Instagram? I want more people to follow and maybe someone to follow me ; )


The globe

The globe was a gift to my granddad for his 60th birthday. Now it decorates our flat. The colourful hangers were made by my grandma and her mum. These are more frames from that roll of film. /M



Roma views

More Roma. The lines and angles that the buildings form when you look towards the sky are very interesting. I was looking up all the time. But sometimes down too. And to the sides. A few times backwards. Always smiling.

Roma type

Weekend in Roma. Quite a breather! Lovely weather, great colours, great company.


Autumn pics taken with a random film bought in a cheap market in Paris. Quite grainy but I like these shots. /M


& the colours!

Stockholm's beautiful right now. I think mid-May til mid-June just might be a bit better than the rest of the year. Hope you had a nice weekend, mine's been very quite and nice. /M


More London

More from the weekend. Wim Crouwel was well worth a visit to the Design Museum, thanks for the
tip Ana.

Great day at work today, working on a logotype and we have the presentation tomo. /M


Looking down in London

Super happy and inspired after a lovely weekend in London.
Travelling with Ryanair makes you pack light tho, which means I didn't have my big camera with me. /M



A very grey and cold day, not suitable at all for an outdoor photoshoot where the model had to wear a summer dress. It was freezing! We finished up quickly tho' and now I am at home working and warming up with my favourite tea (need to stock up if I get to London). /M



Around this time last year I was packing up my London life and finishing our final major project. I didn't think life could be much more stressful than that but turns out it's rather stressful now as well. So stressful lately actually that I've managed to be unaware of the fact that my passport expired last week. I discovered it today when I decided to check in to my Friday Ryanair flight that was meant to take me to London. I ran to the police station but since the old passport was expired I wasn't allowed to apply for a new one until my boyfriend came and signed a paper stating I was I. They say I am likely to get it already on Thursday but I won't put all my hope on that… I'm usually a very organised person but stress messes with my brain. I sure hope I will get my passport on time so that I can get a much needed weekend off and spend it with you girls! Spending the afternoon at the police didn't help me with my deadlines. Oh, and to make you understand how bad this not so good day started I can tell you it snowed when I woke up (!!!???) /M


fun project ahead

A very fun and hands-on project ahead.
Patterns for a bag. I started off by playing around with brush and ink, which means fun time! Very exciting.


old film surprise

I just love the surprise of film.
These were taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 2011.
There are some more in flickr.
Can't wait to make plans for next weekend with the girls.
Wim Crouwel at Design Museum anyone?