Biennale Di Venezia

Geometric approach for the Biennale Di Venezia.
By Stockholm Design Lab. Had to be Swedish!

Yesterday in pictures

Breakfast outside, old cars, kittens, organic vegetables to buy from tables along the road (just put your money in the tin, they trust your here), coffe and cake at the cutest shop and a quick stop at the sea. /M


Trip to Tate Britain

A 15 minute cycle from our house and we hardly ever go there.
The time to change has come!
(new camera needed asap)



Since I might actually have a home soon I'm allowed to buy things to go in it. I spent no more than £5 today and got a pillow, a guest tea towel, an old frame and an album full of amazing old postcards. /M

Greyscale on an island

I left Helsingborg yesterday and went to Öland – the Swedish island where we have our summerhouse (cottage).

I love the flea markets around here and since the weather was rather dull today we went on a little road trip to hunt for bargains. (I’ll show you my findings in another post). Other than that I guess I'll spend my days exercising, reading, and doing some more freelance work. The plan is also to make my new web site but since the mobile internet we have only works on a bench in the corner of our garden that might be a bit tricky.

I’ll take a photo if my internet corner tomorrow and I will try to go on Skype (might not be possible though) to catch you Ana. Daisy I hope you are having an amazing time somewhere in Europe. /M

Pink + Green Riot

The people are protesting: where are M and D? Come back!


My first ever bicycle and other findings

I'm heading to the the beach soon but wanted to say that I miss you girls! /M


A day trip to Denmark

We took the 20 minute ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingør. I had forgotten what a cute little town it is; most famous for cheap alcohol, flowers and ice cream. /M