Inspirational winter

Love the colours from these photos. Winter Berlin!


Design of Terror: Auschwitz/Birkenau n.2

I wonder who were the designers involved.

Design of Terror: Auschwitz/Birkenau

The most disturbing museum in the world.



I love looking at all the lovely, old things in my grandparents flat. /M


I spent a few days in Sandviken, two hours north of Stockholm, last week and it felt like the summer was long gone there. It was very pretty though with all the colours of autumn. The weekend has been spent in Stockholm (soon to be my home) and tonight I'm flying to London again. According to the forecast it seems summer's still in London so we shall see. /M


Tour de France

Great time off in France. Now back on track and happy to be right where I am.

Washi paper tape

I want these. /M


Quiet Sunday

Preparing for the busy week ahead
Refusing to pay £4 to enter a 'vintage' clothes fair and finding an pretty £2 top at a charity shop
Daydreaming about my new house from the world's comfiest bed


I bought this bicycle today! Dad and I just finished pimpin' it (the handlebar ends are black now)
and I love it already. I also love the black basket I bought for it. /M

The Family and the Land

Saw photographer Sally Mann's exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery yesterday. Her subject matter of family, eerie landscapes and decomposing human corpses are so evocative. I love the large scale prints produced using antique cameras, developed often in a the back of her car. Their imperfections make them all the more dreamy.


New site

This Moomin overload is for you Daisy. I went to this outlet yesterday to buy some plates but i couldn't help thinking of you when I saw all this.

My new portfolio website is up, still doing small changes and adding some stuff but have a look and tell me what you think! /M


We nearly, almost have a house! A lovely roof for over our heads



There is a design/textile group in Sweden called 10-Gruppen and this year they are celebrating their
40th birthday. To mark the anniversary they have a large exhibition at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg.

Tonight one of the founders and designers, Tom Hedqvist, held a workshop there and I was one of the participants. Tom Hedqvist is a graphic designer and it was really interesting to listen to his stories about the company as well as the industry and the changes it has undergone since the 70s. He talked us through the exhibition and then we all sat down around a massive table full of paper, glue and scissors. The workshop was very 'Darren style', we cut black paper into pieces to create simple patterns. When time was up he hung everyhting on the wall which created quite an astonishing effect. It made me miss the crafty days at school. (Det fick mig även att sakna våra pysselsessions Helena!) /M