after hours of researching Nottingham's duck population (watch this space) been trying out a new idea of xmas bags. Scanned pressed flowers garland kind of thing. Going to scan some prettier flowers tomorrow. What do you think? Any advice on how big/small I should make the dots in the bitmap to get a good result?


  1. i think its lovely - but are you going to do it all in one colour (one screen?) or are you going to expose each detail separately so that to get the coloured effect? very small detail doesn't seem to appear very clearly in fabric, so its good to thing about that and maybe cut off or make bolder the little details so that not to seem blurred. i would recommend thinking about lines and fills instead of photographic or painted. you could transform this lovely image into something a bit bolder and that would print very well. i wrote a lot, sorry! he!

  2. bags done and dusted today, after a few hitches involving a smelly boy stealing my screen, hmmph! not perfect but quite pretty if I say so myself! xmas bags for everyone!!