Around this time last year I was packing up my London life and finishing our final major project. I didn't think life could be much more stressful than that but turns out it's rather stressful now as well. So stressful lately actually that I've managed to be unaware of the fact that my passport expired last week. I discovered it today when I decided to check in to my Friday Ryanair flight that was meant to take me to London. I ran to the police station but since the old passport was expired I wasn't allowed to apply for a new one until my boyfriend came and signed a paper stating I was I. They say I am likely to get it already on Thursday but I won't put all my hope on that… I'm usually a very organised person but stress messes with my brain. I sure hope I will get my passport on time so that I can get a much needed weekend off and spend it with you girls! Spending the afternoon at the police didn't help me with my deadlines. Oh, and to make you understand how bad this not so good day started I can tell you it snowed when I woke up (!!!???) /M

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  1. oh dear! hectic times ... all fingers crossed that it will all be fine.